Wall Decor For Living Room: Best Ideas

Wall Decor For Living Room Best Ideas

Do you find it difficult to decide how to style the walls in your living room? Given the wide range of alternatives, choose the ideal décor for your living room walls might be difficult. A dull living room may be transformed into a warm and inviting area with the help of the proper living room wall décor. Let’s look at some wall decor for living room that will decorideasblog.com help you design a lovely space that you’ll like spending time in.

You may choose from framed posters, canvas prints, or even original artwork, depending on your preferences and financial constraints.

Gallery Wall decor for living room

Gallery Wall decor for living room. An fantastic wall decoration for a living area is a gallery wall. They are ideal for displaying your individual flair and covering a blank wall.

Your living space may benefit greatly from a gallery wall, which need not just consist of a collection of framed paintings or prints. A gallery wall decor for living room may contain the following artifacts, among others:

Gallery Wall decor for living room
Gallery Wall decor for living room
  • mirrors
  • typography
  • shelves
  • clocks
  • plates
  • tapestries
  • photographs
  • hanging baskets with greenery

Mirrors And Shapes

Try grouping mirrors together and arranging them across from a window or brighter area, advises Bethan Harwood, Partner & Home Design Stylist at John Lewis. They have a great deal of potential for opening up the space. Depending on how hefty the frames are, you may either go subtle with the backdrop wall decor for living room or quirky and antique with clean or metallic edges and a deep color for a more hotel-like appearance.

If your wallpaper has a graphic design, such as the above circular repeat pattern, mimic the shape with matching-colored furniture and accessories.

Mirrors are a terrific way to bring brightness to a living room and reflect light, like they do when sunlight enters through a window. 

Over a sofa or fireplace is perhaps the most conventional position to install a mirror in a living room.

One thing to be careful of when hanging a mirror, especially in a space with an open floor plan, is to be sure to take into account what it reflects. You probably don’t want a mirror over your mantel that mirrors your kitchen’s trashcan, for instance.

Choose a huge statement mirror to take up most of the wall space, or arrange many smaller mirrors of different sizes and shapes. 

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a great way to decorate the walls of your living area. Depending on your taste, you may go for either floating shelves or shelves with brackets. 

In addition to books, wall shelves can be used as a bookshelf to display plants, pictures, and other ornaments. Additionally, you may combine shelves of various sizes and forms to provide a distinctive and eclectic appearance.

Though technically not wall shelves, our entertainment cabinet does a wonderful job of covering a wide blank wall in our living room with a variety of wall decor for living room.

Wall Shelves
Wall Shelves

Wall Decals

A wall decal is an imaginative method to give a living room wall flair. 

Decals come in a number of formats, including:

stickers that appear to be architectural details

Inspirational sayings or slogans that can be artfully put on a wall using flower stickers

Modern decals are simple to put on and take off, making them a wonderful solution for people who rent or constantly change their design.

Wall Murals

Murals on the walls are not only for the dining room. Interior designers today are as likely to include them in historically planned interiors as well as contemporary living rooms.

They are an original and daring way to bring creativity and art to a living room wall. You might go for a landscape mural, an abstract painting, or a mural that captures the tone of your wall decor for living room and your unique style. 

You have two options for a mural: you may paint one directly on the wall or use a removable wallpaper mural. 

It might serve as a backdrop for additional living room furniture or an accent wall. There is no doubt that a painting gives the room charm.

Wall Hangings

When considering how to make a simple wall more attractive, wall hangings are an excellent option.

There are several varieties of wall hangings available. Each has its own distinct style and allure and is a wonderful way to give a living area a little flair.

Wall Hangings
Wall Hangings

Macramé wall hangings are a common type of woven wall decoration. They are typically used to lend a boho flavor and have elaborate knotting designs. 

When hung such that they are detachable, fabrics like tapestries, quilts, and tiny rugs make lovely wall hangings that may also work as useful wall decor for living room for a more traditional appearance. 

Large Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are more than simply timepieces. A huge clock may provide some unexpected visual appeal to a living space and act as a statement-making ornamental piece on a blank wall. 

Depending on the style of your space, you can go for a modern clock or one with historical influences. 

In a living room, 


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