How To Create A Preppy Room Decor: 10 Best Ideas

preppy room decor

Do you want to design a space with a glitzy Preppy aesthetic? To assist you in transforming your bedroom into a wonderful preppy aesthetic space, the article below explores some preppy room decor ideas. Read more below with

What Is Preppy Aesthetic ? 

Prep aesthetic, commonly referred to as preppy aesthetic, is a private university or preparatory school-related subculture in the United States. The words are used to refer to people who are seen to be typical of students or graduates from these institutions. In the past, preps had certain subcultural speech patterns, vocabulary, fashion sense, mannerisms, and etiquette that were indicative of an upper-class background.

What Is Preppy Aesthetic ? 
What Is Preppy Aesthetic ?

The Preppy aesthetic has two well recognized subtypes. One is New England Prep or East Coast Prep, which employs navy blue and white as often used color combinations with various nautical elements such anchors, compasses, ships, lighthouses, and whales. The second is Southern Prep, also known as VSCO Preppy Aesthetic, which places more of an emphasis on summer-related elements like palm trees, elephants, monkeys, leopards, and zebras. VSCO Preppy is considered to be trendy, happy, and rich.

How To Create A Preppy Room Decor

The following list of our Top 10 Design Tips and Ideas will help you turn your bedroom into a gorgeous Preppy Aesthetic Room if you are a major fan of the preppy aesthetic and want it to feel happier and have lots of positive feelings.

1. Preppy Aesthetic Color Palette

Before you start going crazy with the design, you must decide on a fundamental color plan for the room. Whether you pick a ton of complementary hues or keep it simple with just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to anchor the area. When choosing a color for the walls of your preppy style bedroom, think about bright and pastel tones with colours like pastel pink or turquoise or a neutral white or cream color. As a result, your preppy room decor will have the perfect backdrop to stand out.

How To Create A Preppy Room Decor
How To Create A Preppy Room Decor

2.  Preppy Motifs And Patterns

Preppy imagery consists mostly of bright, opulent, or seasonally appropriate features. Common patterns and themes include, but are not limited to: 

(Cheetah, leopard, giraffe) Animal prints

trademark emblems and designs, such as the Roller Rabbit patterns from Prada, Chanel, Vineyard Vines, and Louis Vuitton (particularly the pink monkey).


  • cowgirl hats
  • stars
  • lightning bolts
  • hearts
  • Evil Eye
  • decorative patches
  • smiley faces
  • floral prints (Lilly Pulitzer)
  • pink dollar signs
  • palm trees

3.  Preppy Wall Decor

A bedroom with a preppy vibe benefits greatly from preppy room decor. Preppy wall collages are one of the simplest methods to start your preppy room decorations, regardless matter how big or little your space is. These collages or posters can instantly give your area a preppy summer atmosphere without causing any damage to the walls. Framed posters, hanging tapestries, flowery wallpaper, hanging ivy, or even adorable heart- or whale-shaped stickers are some other preppy room decor wall options. 

4. Preppy Bedding

Don’t worry if you can’t wallpaper or hang posters on your walls since they aren’t permitted to be painted in a preppy color scheme. Another simple approach to realize your ideal of creating an opulent and comfortable preppy bedroom is by investing in preppy design bedding. Pillowcases, cushions, and bed sheets with pastel pink hearts and flower patterns are excellent choices for your preppy aesthetic bed. For those chilly winter nights, why not have a gorgeous pink fur throw blanket as well. Two adorable soft plush toys will complete your preppy bed.

5. Preppy Furniture

Some wonderful options for preppy aesthetic furniture may be a pink chair and desk or nightstand, an attractive poster bed frame, a soft cushion headboard, a pink or turquoise pouf cushion, or a preppy theme rug. A hanging hammock chair would be a terrific addition to your preppy bedroom as another standout piece of furniture. 

6. Preppy Room Decor

In order to complete your area with little accent pieces that truly give it a laid-back and summery “good vibes” atmosphere, select preppy room decor. Cheerfulness, positivism, and elegance are at the core of the preppy style. These modest decorative things may be a photo frame, a cushion, or a preppy bedside light. Lean-to mirrors, fragrant candles, or a charming motivating mug are some additional trendy preppy room accents.  

Preppy Room Decor
Preppy Room Decor

7. Preppy Room Accessories

A cloth laundry basket, a wall or desk clock, a fashionable dimmable bedside light, and a preppy jewelry box to accommodate all your rings and bracelets are a few wonderful examples of preppy room decor accessories. To make the most of your space, try to include room accents that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

8. Preppy Lighting

Make sure your space receives a lot of natural light during the day to round off its preppy feel. In order to assist generate fun preppy aesthetic feelings at night, add some string lights or a modern preppy neon wall light.

9. Preppy Desk Accessories

A wall clipboard you can place above your desk with all your notes on it or some useful foldable folding desk crates to keep all of your stationery are some trendy preppy accessories that may assist organize your work space for studying. The place that should ultimately make you feel motivated and invigorated is at your workplace!

10. DIY Preppy Room Decor

Check out some of these well-liked DIY preppy picture frames, pot plants, and sticker template ideas below to be inspired if you’re seeking for a cheap and enjoyable method to add preppy aesthetic vibes to your bedroom. hope you will collect useful and necessary knowledge through the above article: How To Create A Preppy Room Decor: 10 Best Ideas.

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